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Transmitting expertise to boost your capacity

Experis delivers a wide expanse of telecommunications and wireless capabilities. As a respected industry partner, our clients trust us to deliver high quality resources, regulatory compliance, geographical coverage, a competitive pricing model, and reliability. Immediate access to our large pool of experienced professionals means our clients can retain the skilled people they need to meet their goals on time. 

We operate across the entire spectrum of telecommunications, recruiting for and delivering consistently in the following areas:

  • Implementation (Construction Manager, Implementation Manager, Small Cell & Fiber Solution Construction Manager, oDAS Project Manager, Field Engineer, Field Technician - Install, Integration, Commission, Video Quality Auditor, Video Quality Specialist, Tower Climbing-break/fix, new builds, Mods) 
  • Pre-Implementation (Real Estate Manager, Site Acquisition Manager, Site Acquisition Specialist, Permit Manager, Zoning Manager) 
  • Civil (Drafter, Detailer, Designer, Project Engineer, Structural Engineer, Architect, A&E Project Manager) 
  • Engineering (RF, DAS, Transport, RAN, Core, R&D, Test, etc) 
  • NOC/TAC/Lab (Technician, Engineer, Provisioner, Installer, R&D, Test, etc) 
  • Program Management and Business Professional (Supply Chain Associates, Procurement, Program Manager, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Closeout Specialist, Order Management) 

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