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Working Capital Optimization

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Your working capital Optimized

Working capital is a prime indicator of your company’s financial health. Positive working capital enables you to meet current and long-term financial obligations. Without it, your company must rely on lines of credit and other short-term borrowing, which further increase the already high cost of doing business.

Experis Finance Working Capital Optimization Services is a project-based offering that improves your overall financial performance and profitability by improving working capital from both internal and external sources.

We use a multi-faceted approach that provides analysis and evaluation for working capital sources. While the approach can be customized to your particular needs, our process typically encompasses:

  • Balance sheet review
  • Analysis and collection of past due accounts receivable
  • Audit of customer payment habits to identify trends and opportunities for automating the collection and cash application processes
  • Analysis of key vendor contracts for pricing disparities and payment terms
  • Evaluation of accounts payable payment practices
  • Evaluation of purchasing policies and practices
  • Analysis of sales and use taxes paid or assessed
  • Analysis of fixed assets and construction-in-progress accounting for uncapitalized, non-depreciating fixed assets
  • Review of fees paid on credit card payments received from customers
  • Review of other areas unique to the specific business


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