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Risk is a fact of life. But today, organizations face a complex and demanding risk environment. Increased public scrutiny and insistence on transparency and accountability. They must balance a need for cost controls with expanding regulations requiring comprehensive and often costly compliance initiatives. Globalization and sophisticated new technologies compound the challenges.

With the right integrated approach, one that incorporates both business and technology needs, risk can be viewed as a strategic opportunity to drive performance, enhance bottom-line results and create sustainable value.

We help identify and manage risk, increase revenue and control costs, using proven approaches and practices developed over thousands of engagements for industry leaders.


Business Continuity Management

Preparation that pays off

When critical functions, systems or resources are interrupted, your business suffers. Our Business Continuity Management (BCM) Services ensure that you’re able to continue business as normal - during and after a disruption.

BCM Services has the knowledge, methodology, tools and expertise to develop and deliver a comprehensive business continuity strategy. Our BCM Services help:

  • Simplify the decision-making process during a crisis
  • Limit the magnitude of loss and severity of the interruption
  • Define alternatives for continuing critical business functions
  • Establish a plan for recovery and restoration of business practices
  • Train personnel
Business System Services Center of Expertise

Driving business efficiency

You need to implement or improve your company’s business system technology. Sounds risky, challenging, expensive? It’s not with Experis Finance.

Experis Finance Business System Services transforms your business. We align your business processes with your business strategy. Embed a continuous process improvement environment. And incorporate a change management philosophy and culture that enables you to adapt quickly to rapidly changing business conditions.

Additional benefits include:

  • Realized ROI
  • Improved information for business decision-making
  • Streamlined processes that free up resources for higher value activities

Our professionals deliver strategy and risk management solutions. With no conflict of interest.

Experis Finance professionals have years of practical experience implementing and sustaining complex business systems. They combine the functional, industry and application experience you need to ensure the technology fulfills your organization’s vision. And Experis Finance is product neutral, with no obligations to any third-party companies.

Choose from comprehensive Business System Services in three key areas:

  • Strategic planning. Based on your company’s unique characteristics, we work with you to define business requirements and constraints; develop your long-term business system vision; and select or validate the right software for your needs.
  • Deployment. We help you establish the methodology and process infrastructure that supports business system implementation throughout the lifecycle.
  • Governance. Governance services help assess, enhance and sustain IT organizations looking to improve system business alignment or operational cost structures. They include leading practices in IT governance strategies; enterprise data management; and business intelligence technology for insightful reporting and data analysis.
Construction Services Center of Expertise

Protecting your financial interests

Cost overruns, overpayments, financial irregularities, litigation potential. How strong are your risk mitigation processes? Experis can put you in the comfort zone.

Led by recognized experts, our Construction Services professionals have the dedication, depth of knowledge and industry “know-how” to help deliver your project on time and within budget. And through our Construction Services Center of Expertise, you have access to focused, in-depth construction expertise that may not be available to you internally.

With Experis, you’ll work with experienced resources who assist you through all three phases of the project life cycle: planning and preconstruction; construction; and project closeout. We also offer owner consulting services to evaluate and oversee the payment application and change order process, and establish proper controls and procedures for a variety of key processes.

Additional benefits include:

  • Knowledge and experience of industry leaders
  • Confidence that the goods and services you receive are the same as stipulated in your construction contract
  • Process improvement recommendations to help you efficiently and effectively manage your project’s risks
  • Peace of mind from knowing that true construction professionals are protecting your financial interests
Contract Compliance & Cost Recovery

Building a better way is humanly possible

Do you use complex contracts? Work with special supplier arrangements? Experience high turnover among buyers? Recently perform a system upgrade or conversion? Had a recent merger/acquisition? You could benefit from Experis’ Contract Compliance and Cost Recovery Services. We help reduce costs, recover savings and improve processes.

Our experienced professionals, combined with Experis proven methodologies in cost recovery audit, provide convenient, practical and beneficial solutions. Our best practices enable us to complete a cost recovery audit efficiently and cost-effectively.

Experis goes beyond an accounts payable data analysis and does more than just identify savings. We also evaluate your exposure to overpayments through an in-depth review of the procurement process to identify control weaknesses and process improvement opportunities.

Enterprise Risk Assessment and Management

Business doesn't have to be a risky endeavor

You have a fiduciary responsibility to foster an effective Enterprise Risk Management program to protect your organization’s integrity, viability and value. Experis simplifies the process.

We start with an Enterprise Risk Assessment to identify and prioritize the risks affecting your business. Then, we develop a comprehensive, multi-year audit program to address these risks, and also track your internal control environment for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Financial Institution Audit

In high-risk times, the right partner is key

Regulatory agencies and public demand have placed a greater emphasis on internal controls over financial institutions. But finding high-value solutions designed specifically for financial institutions can be difficult. Experis is the solution.

We custom-tailor our solutions to fit your needs, working to support your existing departments or provide full function outsourcing. We manage or support existing audit functions and perform audits. Focus your limited resources by having Experis perform a risk assessment, including the development of a monitoring program and audit schedule, assessment of the training program and enhancement of policies and procedures based on the results. We can also help design or audit your financial institution’s technology controls and security.

Financial Institution Regulatory Compliance

Protect your business

Penalties, fines, adverse publicity. Your business could suffer from all of these due to noncompliance. Experis professionals have in-depth experience helping financial institutions achieve regulatory compliance. Our local teams are supported by our global financial institutions practice, using methodologies and best practices to help you manage operational, compliance and credit risks. Our focus on knowledge transfer creates exceptional results for financial institutions both locally and globally.

Our services include:

  • Assessing or developing a written compliance program, in accordance with the prescription of the agencies, addressing the elements of self-monitoring, policies and procedures, training and complaint resolution, to be administered by the institution
  • Reviewing an existing compliance program for effectiveness
  • Conducting periodic monitoring of products and services to determine level of compliance with applicable regulations
  • Serving as an institution’s compliance function

We also help you with other financial institution regulatory compliance issues, including:

  • FDICIA documentation and testing
  • AML/BSA compliance reviews
  • SOX compliance
  • Loan review/credit quality assessments
  • Forensic services
Fraud Risk Assessment & Management

Are your valuable assets at risk of internal or external fraud?

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates the average loss per company due to fraud is approximately seven percent of gross revenue. Even if the number is somewhat lower, can you afford to lose that revenue or have your reputation damaged? You could even be fined or serve jail time for failing to address the risk of fraud.

Today, there’s also additional scrutiny on fraud. And the Department of Justice has increased its efforts in enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. For most organizations, it’s really not a question of if, but when, fraud will occur.

To address fraud risk, you need a comprehensive, formal program that includes specific risk assessments to identify malicious acts — the most effective tools in combating fraud.

Don’t wait until a fraud has occurred. Protect your organization's integrity and good name. Experis’ Fraud Risk Assessment and Management Services help prevent, deter and detect potential fraud schemes. We identify and prioritize your fraud risks, evaluate your organization’s existing fraud controls, and provide recommendations and remediation services. We also help you comply with the regulatory demands of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation.

From high-level assessments to comprehensive fraud-prevention engagements, Experis helps protect your good name.

Information Security Center of Expertise

Providing superior technical choices for sustainable information protection

Continuously changing business demands and operational risk environments challenge organizations to find better ways to protect their information assets, while also meeting an increasingly complex set of industry and regulatory requirements. To address these issues, the Experis Information Security Practice focuses on helping organizations identify and embrace practical information security solutions that enable them to effectively and securely conduct business, while controlling costs.

Information Technology Audit

Risk-taking isn’t part of anyone’s IT strategy

Taking risks is part of the entrepreneurial spirit behind many successful companies. Taking risks with your IT controls isn’t.

Today, virtually every enterprise in every industry relies on Information Technology to support its various business units. So, any risk to your IT system is a risk to your company’s overall financial health.

Experis’ Information Technology Audit Services help identify risk areas that can ultimately affect your entire business environment. These include:

  • Applications
  • Networks
  • Infrastructure
  • Data centers
  • General controls
  • Business-continuity plans
Information Technology Governance

Accelerate business growth

IT governance is the implementation of an internal control framework that considers an organization’s business, legal, regulatory, institutional and ethical environments.

Experis IT Governance Services identify and manage risks within your company’s IT framework; implement standard, companywide policies and procedures; provide measurable key performance indicators; improve cross-departmental communications; and reduce costs.

By aligning your business’s various environments with your IT framework, you achieve these benefits:

  • Improved efficiency of your operations
  • More reliable financial reporting and disclosure
  • Compliance with the regulatory issues you face
Internal Audit Strategic Sourcing

Take control & reduce risk

The increased global emphasis on governance, risk and compliance has forced many organizations to strengthen their control environments, introduce specialized expertise via strategic partnerships, and elevate their focus on financial, operational and regulatory controls.

Experis Strategic Sourcing Services are available on a co-sourcing or outsourcing basis to provide your organization with internal audit infrastructure development, enterprise risk analysis and internal audit program development and execution services.

Our approach incorporates COSO and its enterprise risk management components, and includes:

  • Technical expertise
  • Best practices/creative solutions
  • Broad, multi-industry experience
  • Consistent, high-quality services and deliverables
  • Flexible staffing levels
  • Reduced training and/or turnover costs
  • Improved efficiency and response time
  • Knowledge transfer to your audit personnel, where applicable
Internal Control Optimization

Fueling advantages for public-filing companies

Making internal control compliance a sustainable, repeatable element of daily operations is challenging. It traditionally involves undertaking several disjointed, overlapping and costly initiatives.

Experis takes a companywide, proactive, integrated approach. Relying on a comprehensive, strategic risk and compliance methodology, our Internal Control Optimization process optimizes your internal controls. Ultimately, Experis helps your company achieve the optimal state of Enterprise Risk Management.

Quality Assessment Review

IIA compliance made simple

At least every five years, the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) requires an external assessment of an organization's audit function for quality and compliance with IIA standards.

An Experis Quality Assessment Review (QAR) is a four-phase evaluation of an organization's core internal audit components, including planning; data gathering; assessment and gap analysis; and reporting. Through our evaluation you get a comprehensive assessment of internal audit effectiveness.

Using methodologies that have been fine-tuned over many engagements, our QAR allows your internal audit function to assert within its charter and audit reports that it complies with IIA standards.

Sarbanes-Oxley Regulatory Compliance

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance made simple

Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) requires management of every company to include an evaluation of its internal controls over financial reporting in its annual report, including non-accelerated filers. Experis’ Sarbanes-Oxley Regulatory Compliance Services helps you avoid the fines, penalties and bad press associated with noncompliance.

Based on your objectives, Experis experts can:

  • Develop compliance programs
  • Review existing programs for effectiveness
  • Perform risk assessments
  • Conduct periodic compliance monitoring
  • Assist you in preparing for regulatory exams, with follow-up and implementation of corrective actions
  • Conduct training
  • Document compliance policies and procedures
  • And much more

Our modular services – including assessment, testing, reporting, documentation and ongoing monitoring – are designed to help you evaluate and document the effectiveness of your internal control processes. With innovative tools and templates, we facilitate and expedite the implementation of your SOX compliance effort, while optimizing your internal control environment and improving your overall processes.

Technology Risk Assessment

A report card on your IT profile

A Technology Risk Assessment from Experis provides you with a comprehensive evaluation of your entire technology profile – including your people and processes.

We identify risks that could impact the integrity of your information systems and technology infrastructure. We also identify the controls and associated risks that could affect your ability to rely on your IT processes. Experis Technology Risk Assessments are customized to evaluate critical functions at the enterprise, business-unit, or technology-component level.

Consider our assessment a “report card,” grading the IT risks facing your company. And, like any report card, it shows areas for improvement.

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