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Complexities simplified

p> Complying with the vast variety of rules, regulations and tax returns of thousands of U.S. tax jurisdictions is difficult at best. At some time, nearly every organization needs help sorting out state and local tax issues and finding ways to minimize the impact of state and local tax liabilities. At times like these, Experis is the partner you need.


Our state and local tax experts help you meet every tax-filing requirement and identify opportunities for more efficient reporting and filing. These include:

Profit enhancement services: Sales and use tax self-audits; credit and incentives reviews; unclaimed property services; and franchise and income tax reviews
Tax advisory services: Multistate and local taxation and industry-specific representation
Core state and local tax services:

State & local income compliance and consulting
The best way to prepare for tax time: Experis.

Tax law is complicated. From time to time, nearly every company needs trained professionals to make sense out of state and local compliance issues. Experis’ consulting services provide the necessary research, analyses and tools to ensure you meet every tax-filing requirement you face. We also identify opportunities for more efficient reporting and filing.

Filing income tax returns in an accurate and timely manner has many benefits, including reducing your exposure to penalties and interest. Working with Experis not only enables you to meet today’s tax department challenges, but also to concentrate on strategy, risk and controls, accurate reporting and business integration.

Property tax compliance & consulting
Your resources are taxed. Leave it to the experts.

There are thousands of tax jurisdictions in the United States, so simply complying with state and local tax regulations is anything but simple. Property tax compliance is complex and involves a number of high-volume functions that many companies just aren’t set up to perform in-house.

Experis expertly handles all aspects of property tax compliance, including returns, renditions, reconciliations and any other support you need. We also uncover elusive credits and incentives to help lighten your tax burden.

Our property tax consultants research, analyze and assess your particular tax situation to help improve your overall tax picture.

Sales & use tax compliance & consulting
Time is money. Spend yours on more valuable things than tax preparation.

Leverage the deep expertise of Experis tax professionals for research, analysis and special projects, including audit-defense consultation. We identify ways to improve your systems and processes for greater efficiency and accuracy.

With ever-changing state and local tax laws, it’s no wonder that virtually every business needs occasional advice on sales and use tax compliance. Plus, compliance is low-value, high-volume work. Wouldn’t you rather concentrate on higher-valued activities – tax planning, for instance – rather than processing returns?

Our Sales and Use Tax Services free you up for more important things. With our Web-based technology, you have real-time access to tax information. The processes of compiling and reporting data have never been more consistent, comprehensive and accurate.

Experis processes are affordable, flexible, tailored to meet your needs … and don’t steal your valuable time.


Experis Advantages

  • The involvement and oversight of former senior state tax officials and professionals with years of specialization in multi-state taxation
  • The ability to submit timely and accurately filed tax returns and reports, minimizing your exposure to penalties and interest assessments
  • The ability to pay for our services with potential refunds
  • Access to tax advisory services to minimize your tax liability

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