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Elevate efficiency and reliability

In the past, the primary focus of a corporate tax function was accuracy of tax returns and strategic tax planning. Now, in today's post-SOX, post-FIN 48 world, it's increasingly clear that the reliability and accuracy of the tax accounting computations and disclosures in financial statements are critical to the success and perceived value of a tax function. Overall efficiency and reliability of the tax accounting function must be elevated.

With Experis’ Tax Accounting Services, you’re assured that your monthly, quarterly and annual tax provisions are on-time, accurate and complete in accordance with FAS 109, including any potential effects of FIN 48 or FAS 123R. We also assist you in the automating of tax provisions using a variety of tax accounting packages. In all of these areas, we partner with you to effectively and efficiently manage tax-related processes and risks.

FIN 48

Eliminate FIN 48 accounting uncertainties.

FIN 48, Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes, was introduced with the intention of reducing accounting uncertainty. Unfortunately, its implementation often causes uncertainty of its own. Implementation of FIN 48 in multi-jurisdictional environments requires a solid understanding of applicable tax law, a significant amount of experience with jurisdictional examinations, expertise in FAS 109, and a complete understanding of the computational, reporting and disclosure requirements under FIN 48. Experis has all that and more.

We prepare all tax accounting calculations and related disclosures necessary under FIN 48, and incorporate the results into your company's FAS 109 tax provision computations. This eliminates uncertainty and takes the burden off your in-house resources.

Quarterly & Annual Reporting

Quarterly and annual reporting simplified.

Quarterly and annual tax accounting and the related disclosures have become increasingly complex with the introduction of FAS 123R and FIN 48. Experis brings talent, skills and vast expertise to your company to support your quarterly and annual tax provision calculations and related disclosures, including IFRS or other local GAAP.

With innovative tools and methodologies and in-depth experience, we also help you identify key risks associated with your company's tax accounts or disclosures.

FAS 123R

Solid options to make the most of your stock options.

When FAS 123R was implemented in 2005 and stock-based compensation came to the surface in financial reporting, tax provision computations grew more detailed and complex. Considerable attention to every detail of the company's stock compensation plans – stock options, restricted stock, employee stock purchase plans and more – is required.

Experis provides valuable consultative advice regarding the tools and methodologies required to track this data. We also perform all quarterly computations relating to stock compensation, and incorporate them into your tax provision, allowing your company's tax personnel to focus on more value-added tax activities.

Tax Accounting Automation

Tax provision process out of control? Spend too much time reconciling reports and checking cell references? Experis’ Tax Accounting Automation Services put you back in control.

Rethinking your current processes requires an objective point of view from professionals with no current process “ownership” issues. Experis experts want to improve your organization’s approach to preparation of the income tax provision.

Sarbanes-Oxley and FIN 48 places an unprecedented level of scrutiny on corporate income taxes, further increasing the level of precision needed and documentation required. Our Tax Accounting Automation professionals provide an end-to-end solution that simplifies the tax provision process. You can pull information directly from general ledger sources, eliminating the need for most manual entries.

We assess your provision needs by leveraging our extensive experience with clients of all sizes and industries and using our Tax Accounting Automation methodology and system. Since we don’t provide attest services, conflict of interest is never a concern.

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