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Data Science as a Service

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Maximum insights from your corporate data

Never before in history have corporations had as much information available to them. The amount of data continues to grow at exponential rates allowing companies to search for insights in areas such as their current and potential customer base, new product opportunities, new market opportunities, operational and financial performance and product or service quality. But harnessing the full value of your data can be difficult if you can’t get to it or if you don’t have the analytical resources necessary to turn data into actionable insights.

Most organizations struggle to access structured and unstructured data which resides in many different disparate data sources. In addition, they may not have the right resources in-house to be able to effectively analyze the data once it’s been accessed. For over 35 years, Experis Business Analytics has helped our clients organize, access, analyze and distribute their data across the organization or to key stakeholders outside of the organization as well.

Experis Business Analytics Practice can deploy individual Data Scientists/Statisticians or teams of statistical resources that can help you find the hidden insights in your data. These resources can provide the results that your organization can use to make better, faster business decisions. In addition to performing analytical services on a project-by-project basis, our team of Analytical Application Developers can also build self-service reporting and analytical applications which can put the power of your data in the hands of your business users. These applications will allow business users, who typically are not programmers to access the information they need sooner than if they had to wait for another team member to run their query. In addition, allowing business users and analyst to access the data on their own will free up your statistical team or IT resources to focus on other important activities.

Engage Experis Data Science as a Service for statistical data insights and to develops tools to increase data accessibility

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