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Global Statistical Programming

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A dedication to high-quality results

The pressure on Clinical and Statistical Programming units across the industry to reduce costs is relentless.  For that reason, biopharmaceutical companies continue to look for opportunities to reduce costs by working with partners in lower-cost regions around the world.  However, along with the reduction in costs, many companies are also experiencing frustrations that reduce efficiencies and sometimes off-set the cost savings.  High-turnover of partner resources and lack of quality output can leave executive management and line managers wondering if working with an offshore provider is worth it.

Experis Clinical has created a global programming solution from Eastern Europe that offers cost savings as well as high-quality programming support.  Our team retention rate has been impressive due to the positive work environment and value that we place on our employees.  Our clients have been pleased with the communication and dedication to quality that they have received from the Experis team in Eastern Europe.

Success Stories

Global Statistical Programming Functional Service Provider Program
Global Statistical Programming
The Statistical Programming group within a top 5 biopharmaceutical company was seeking to diversify and expand their programming support team for both Europe and North America with a lower cost option. Many typical outsourcing regions were under consideration including Asia Pacific and South America… [READ MORE]
Development of a University Program in Eastern Europe to Train Students in Clinical Trial Programming
Global Statistical Programming
As many Biopharmaceutical companies are looking to reduce cost while maintaining quality, they are increasingly seeking global locations in lower cost regions around the world where they can place programming teams. Eastern Europe has captured the attention of many around the world as an appealing region for global support due to the technical competency of its population. However, traditionally the talent pool of capable and experienced clinical programming resources has been quite low.  [READ MORE]

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