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Data Science as a Service

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Maximum insights from your corporate data

Companies have more information available to them than ever before. That includes data about their current and potential customer base; new product or market opportunities; operational and financial performance; and product or service quality. 

Companies that use data effectively compete - and lead - in their sector. 

Experis Solutions provides data science services on a subscription basis that is customizable to the needs of each client. Our experienced data scientists assess, analyze, and refine a client’s data collection and management to draw key insights that foster business success.

Strategy and Consulting

We've helped many organizations move from little or no analytics to highly impactful analytics cultures. We foster greater analytics maturity with strategies, roadmaps, workshops, coaching, and assessments.  

Data Engineering

Experis Solutions modernizes a client’s data and prepare it for analysis, managing it for continual performance. Whether it’s in the cloud or on premise, or whether it’s moving from on premise to the cloud, Experis data engineers can design, develop, test and move into production the data pipelines you need.

Modeling and Machine Learning

We develop statistical and/or machine learning models to deliver predictive, prescriptive, and optimized results that allow clients to better compete in the marketplace. We continually re-evaluate the models for accuracy and business value, incorporate new data, and develop new models to address evolving business questions.

Visualization and Dissemination

Effective visualization and fast dissemination of modeling results supports an analytics-driven culture. The right people need to see the right information at the right time to make the good decisions for the business. Experis Solutions creates and maintains alerts, reports, dashboards, and data interfaces that display the information business function leaders need to perform with speed and agility.

Analytical Process Automation

Manual data processing and analysis takes too long or doesn’t happen at all. Experis Solutions automates processes and develops applications that streamline analysis so a company’s data is used efficiently.

Analytics Infrastructure

A robust analytics infrastructure is necessary for competing on analytics. Experis Solutions provides the experience and expertise to help clients implement, maintain, and modernize their SAS and R platforms.


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