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Maximize your investment through Tactical & Strategic SAS Consulting

Experis Solutions is a SAS Silver Level Alliance Partner and one of the oldest SAS partners in North America. Since 1982, we have provided tactical and strategic SAS consulting services geared towards helping our clients gain the most value from their SAS investments. We offer clients the flexibility of services provided in North America as well as SAS programming support from Eastern Europe.

We provide the following SAS Solutions and Services:

Custom SAS Application Development

Experis application developers and project managers are skilled in gathering user requirements, following the Software Development Lifecycle and managing timelines and appropriate communication levels with our clients throughout every stage of the project. We work in tandem with identified stakeholders from the client to make sure the lines of communication are open and active.

Whether you need a custom application built only in SAS or in conjunction with other technologies, Experis can form the right team for your project.

SAS Assessments, Migrations, Upgrades

Taking advantage of the full power of SAS.

Are you getting the most value for your SAS investment? Does your IT organization have the qualified SAS resources to assist you with a platform migration or an upgrade to the newest version of SAS? Are you confident in your company’s architecture for your SAS solution?

Applying resources skilled in the evaluation, installation, configuration and migration of SAS products, Experis Solutions can partner with you to develop a road map for your project and your organization’s use of SAS which allows you to extract meaningful insights from your data.

SAS Assessments

Most companies today aren’t maximizing the horsepower that’s available from their SAS products and solutions. Often there are inefficiencies in data management, application development and data processing, and in how SAS products are used. These inefficiencies result in lost time, lost productivity and increased costs resulting in lost profitability.

Experis’ SAS Assessments provide a customized, short-term evaluation of your SAS tools and product use. The objective is to increase the value of SAS solutions and tools to your company, and determine how to realize a greater return on investment in your licensed SAS assets.

During the assessment, we:

  • Perform an analysis of data flows and determine if there are inefficiencies in how data is managed
  • Evaluate extraction, transaction and load activities in the search for potential optimization opportunities
  • Evaluate non-SAS data sets and applications for potential migration to SAS products
  • Evaluate reporting from SAS applications to determine if the latest technology and functionality is being used
  • Evaluate the SAS development environment to determine potential improvements in maintainability, reliability and program accuracy
  • Evaluate analytical and modeling techniques

Migrations and Upgrades

Implementing a new solution, upgrading to a new SAS version and migrating to a new environment all require detailed planning. Your plan must include how the change will affect your environment, impact your current applications, and how your new solution should be configured to achieve maximum performance.

Experis Solutions guides you through the installation, upgrade, migration or conversion process. We also implement those recommendations based on industry best practices.

Although each installation, upgrade, migration or conversion project has its own individual characteristics, Experis Solutions follows a process to ensure a repeatable and successful experience. Our process includes:

  • Requirements gathering of current and desired environment
  • Define necessary testing and/or validation
  • Collaborate with you to create project plan
  • Perform the installation, upgrade, migration or conversion
  • Perform testing and/or validation
  • Train administrators and end users
  • Provide support
Remote SAS Administration and Support

Administration and support of a SAS environment can be daunting and requires significant training and experience. Our remote SAS administration and support includes:

  • Support and guidance for your existing SAS Administrator
  • Actively administer and/or monitor your SAS environment remotely
  • Troubleshoot SAS environment performance and functionality issues
  • Collaborate with you on migration, upgrade, and re-architecture activities

Experis Solutions conducts SAS Administration tasks and transfers the knowledge back to the client’s team members, including:

  • SAS Metadata User Management
  • SAS Library Management
  • SAS performance tuning and troubleshooting
  • Training for SAS administrators and SAS users
  • SAS environment monitoring
  • Assistance with SAS/Access connectivity to other databases
  • Perform migrations, upgrades, and/or SAS software updates
  • Planning and architecture
Custom SAS Training

SAS training to propel productivity.

Are your SAS users only scratching the surface in their use of SAS? Are they fully applying the SAS tools and solutions that have been given to them? Could their productivity and effectiveness be increased if only they knew more about the SAS components they have at their disposal?

Our SAS professionals design a single SAS training course or an entire SAS training program based on the specific needs of your developers and/or business users. We interview the key users to determine their skill levels and knowledge of their SAS products, then we develop a SAS training program that improves your team's performance. Examples of customized training include:

  • Introduction to SAS Programming
  • SAS Macro Language Training
  • SAS SQL Language Training
  • Introduction to Enterprise Guide
  • Getting Started with the SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Platform

The right training optimizes your use of SAS products and solutions so you achieve better business results.

Concentrated SAS exposure, dedicated SAS expertise

Experis Solutions is a SAS Alliance Silver Level consulting partner. Our relationship with SAS enables our professionals to stay on the cutting edge of SAS consulting through partner training opportunities and access to SAS products and solutions. We offer knowledgeable, informed recommendations and services for your SAS projects.

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