IT Talent Strategy, Think Strategically, Act Tactically

The global workforce landscape has changed, as technology plays an increasingly critical role in our daily lives. Companies will need to adapt as specialized talent becomes vital for businesses to evolve within the marketplace. IT experts not only keep a company’s infrastructure running smoothly, but can play a valuable role in disaster recovery and business continuity. The way in which we work has transformed, and it is important to create an environment geared to getting back to business as usual as quickly and efficiently as possible.


At Experis, we understand the talent landscape, placing millions of people into work each year and supporting hundreds of thousands of clients across every industry.  We have seen challenging times before, and we have kept people working and developing their skills, while helping companies adjust for the demand they see today at the same time as preparing for how this might change tomorrow.   


Read on to learn why that’s so important, and how it will help your business talent plan succeed.



The Role of Talent Planning in Business Continuity


Business continuity planning is a critical step for any business, but it can be difficult to adequately envision all possibilities or contingencies that a plan might need to address. If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from the COVID-19 global pandemic, it’s that many companies hadn’t stress-tested their business continuity plans for a sudden, massive shift to remote work.


This shift has brought both unforeseen challenges and opportunities to many sectors. While many organizations are discovering that it was relatively easy to shift to remote work, others have struggled to adopt the technological solutions and expertise needed to support a remote workforce. In both cases, an unprecedented demand for experienced IT professionals exists. Talent planning plays a role in business continuity beyond simply ensuring that a company remains fully staffed with the right professionals. With an IT talent strategy in place, an organization can hit the ground running after a crisis period and have a talent community fully vetted and awaiting the business to resume normal operations.  More often, the skills and talent needed are going to be very different than in the past as projects, priorities and funding have changed. Companies with an IT talent strategy can rapidly:

  • Plan to create needed positions due to the development of infrastructure or the introduction of other tools.
  • Identify existing employees to redeploy to IT or within IT who have the experience necessary to work remotely on critical projects.
  • Develop relationships with talent acquisition services ahead of time so they’re available when additional talent is needed or after a crisis.


Why Use an IT Talent Acquisition Service in a Business Continuity Plan?


During a crisis, it may be difficult to find the right talent quickly or understand the pulse of the talent market as it changes daily. Talent, whether employees or consultants are top of mind during these times and provide the fuel to quickly make a difference during the recovery period and shape the next chapter post crisis. That’s where an IT talent acquisition service provider can help. These professionals leverage their existing relationships with talent and professionals to rapidly provide vetted experts to the organizations that need them. By partnering with a company like Experis, we can start to build out the talent profiles and skills needed to move your business forward, not just during a time of crisis, but as you continue to plan for the future.  As business evolves, it will enable you to be ready with critical skillsets and a robust in demand talent community to face the challenges of a new landscape. Unlike a standard staffing agency, a talent acquisition service that specializes in IT can support its clients in several other ways. In addition to quickly filling critical roles, we support our clients with:


  • Insights on adjusting smartly to alternative workforce arrangements, shift patterns, or enhanced worker mobility.
  • Practical tips on leadership during challenging times, including innovative ideas to improve adaptability.
  • Guidance for continuity planning and talent planning based on executing plans with thousands of valued clients across multiple industries.
  • Prioritizing strategies leveraging the latest advice on health and safety measures as announced by the CDC and the government.


Filling critical roles with the right talent is only half of the answer. Empower your talent with the tools, strategies, and infrastructure to succeed in any situation or environment. A solid IT talent acquisition service at your back supports your wider business goals and strategies.


Augment Your IT Talent Strategy with Experis


Change is a natural part of the business landscape. Having access to the right resources can help an organization adapt and succeed. When you need to make smart, fast decisions, having the right expertise will make a difference. That’s why we step beyond filling a company’s most critical roles to help augment business continuity plans with a salient IT talent strategy. In these unprecedented times, we’re taking actions to make sure our clients have exactly what they need whether that’s ideas, strategies, or talent.  We help organizations transform in a fast-changing world of work by sourcing, assessing, developing, and managing the talent that enables them to win. Experis works with companies around the globe, providing insights and state of the art delivery of products and services that can put your company at the forefront of innovation and world of work trends.

How we work, and the environment in which we work has changed overnight. Companies must shift and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the global workforce. We are here to provide the data, expertise, resources, and solutions our clients need to succeed.


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Author: Cesiah Kessler, Sr. Regional VP at Experis