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HomeDesk Distributed Workforce Solutions

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Managing a remote workforce can challenge even the savviest IT leader. Infrastructure, hardware, cloud security, worker performance, and ongoing support all need to be addressed for a company to feel confident in a remote work model.

As technology has evolved so have the demands of high-value IT talent. They want more work/life harmony, including custom-designed work options. Organizations that want access to that top talent need the expertise and governance to deploy and manage a distributed workforce effectively.

Experis Solutions has reimagined a new work-from-home, distributed IT workforce model to strategically move beyond the "captive centers" of the past to the remotely allocated IT "homeworker" of the future. We designed our HomeDesk platform as a secure virtual desk environment equipped with access to the specific technology stack needed for the IT professional to do their job. From Level 2 and 3 service desks to DevOps and QA testing, our platform allows us to build a global network of high-performing, work-from-home professionals who deliver the IT solutions and products we provide. Today, clients of all sizes leverage this approach with great success.

Experis Solutions advises companies on how to successfully manage, provision, and support a distributed workforce. We have extensive experience managing large, remote teams for enterprise-level companies. With HomeDesk, Experis Solutions eliminates the system and administrative costs of running, supporting, and managing an on-premise solution. HomeDesk typically costs up to 60 percent less to deploy and 40 percent less to operate in comparison.

Quick Start Assessment

Time is often of the essence with IT projects. Our proprietary assessment process helps us quickly understand a client’s requirements as well as the scope of work for a project. From this, we determine the optimal size, required services, and pricing.

Onboarding and Transition Management

We work closely with a client’s teams to ensure a smooth transition and/or support of their environment.  Remote workers experience different issues and challenges than in-office workers. Together, we define an onboarding process that’s efficient and thorough.

Performance Optimization and Continuous Improvement

We conduct scheduled reviews of processes and performance to fine-tune the environment and implement continuous improvement measures. Over years of managing large-scale remote-work teams, Experis Solutions has designed and implemented feedback and monitoring programs to ensure remote workers get the resources and input they need to be successful.

Infrastructure and Security Management

Customer information security is first and foremost. Experis Solutions offers the choice of a shared infrastructure and support or a dedicated environment and agents, so clients can choose the approach that’s right for them. We provide tiered solutions based on company size, compliance requirements, and policies.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Our best-of-breed VDI provides a secure desktop environment so personnel can work securely anywhere in the world. Providing a secure, private environment increases productivity and reduces the risk of a costly data breach.

Virtually Walking the Floor

Our platform is designed to support multiple forms of functional IT programs or projects, from a L2 to L3 service desk to complex software engineering and DevOps requirements. Being able to virtually walk the floor with screen captures and call recording enables leaders to effectively manage a remote workforce.

Business Continuity Planning

A sound business continuity plan is critical to maintaining daily operations in the event of a disaster. Uninterrupted operations and customer support go a long way to foster your brand’s equity and leadership in the marketplace. Knowing that measures are in place to minimize or prevent major outages and loss of revenue cultivates customer confidence and employee morale. HomeDesk gives clients all the capabilities of an on-premise workforce while supporting business continuity.

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