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Independent Contractor 1099 Solutions

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Increase the benefits, reduce the risks

Independent contractors (ICs) present both a solution and a problem to many employers. On one hand, they offer flexible workforce solutions that normally reside outside the standard W-2 or temporary staffing realms. On the other hand, ICs carry significant risk if they are not classified correctly. If a company engages a contractor and misclassifies him or her as a 1099 independent contractor rather than as a W-2 employee, the organization is at risk of having to pay accrued payroll taxes, compensation for denied employee benefits, and perhaps fines or other penalties.

Experis has the knowledge and experience to assist in this process. We work with organizations to properly assess and—if needed—manage your independent contractor population. To protect you from damages, we offer IC risk assessment services that incorporate Federal and State guidelines to ensure your ICs are properly vetted, documented, and managed.

A thorough process you can feel confident about


We partner with you and execute a discovery process to identify your current Independent Contractor population. Then we compile all data needed for a quick but thorough qualification result. This information not only allows us to drive the qualification process, but also to prepare for job category validation and cost savings initiatives.


Using a formal process that has been fully vetted by some of the best legal authorities on the subject, we conduct a comprehensive qualification analysis of each of your ICs. The process is based on the IRS’s 20-point test, and includes additional questions to identify a worker as a valid Independent Contractor versus a Common Law Employee. An online questionnaire and formalized interview process assess the key factors of Behavioral Control, Financial Control and the Worker-Firm Relationship to determine the validity of the worker’s claim as an Independent Contractor.


For those individuals who are qualified as Independent Contractors, it’s business as usual—with your own ease of mind that your risk is minimal. In addition, our process includes a maintenance procedure, which involves a ongoing assessment to ensure ongoing qualification for all approved 1099 contractors. Those who are not qualified have the opportunity to become a W-2 employee of Experis.

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