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Outsource Your Projects to a Trusted Partner

Saving cost, access to expertise, risk mitigation, and focusing on core competencies are just a few of the reasons companies outsource IT projects. Experis Solutions works to understand your specific needs so we can develop a managed service that works for you. With decades of experience delivering managed services in IT and business processes, Experis Solutions has perfected our delivery processes. This includes:

Analysis and Discovery

We work with each client to ensure we understand the goals and objectives for the project or program. This includes defining:
  • Detailed work requirements and deliverables
  • Budget
  • Personnel needs
  • SLAs/KPIs
  • Reporting Requirements

Development and Design

We design a solution that describes the who/what/where/why/how of the work to be transitioned. This includes development of a contractual statement of work (SOW) that defines program deliverables and milestones; measurement criteria; reporting requirements; and program cost.

Implementation and Transition

Once we have defined what is being outsourced and how, we begin implementation using a formal transition process that is agreed upon in advance. The transition typically includes assigning an engagement manager, team selection, communication plan development and delivery; identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) and SLAs; and formal transfer of work knowledge.

Ongoing Operations

Keeping operations running smoothly includes performing program deliverables while maintaining client satisfaction, implementing a continuous process improvement program, cost management, SOW/PO changes or renewals, and reporting on performance.

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